Snapping up hackers one IP address at a time

We only list IP addresses
Link to current list : pfhackerip

This list is persons attempting to hack into servers via SSH on standard port 22 and undisclosed nonstandard ports
When you connect with a user name (mostly root) and password there is no doubt you are trying to break into a server
The list is in a text format and can be used in a "table" in PF type fire walls
example: table <hackerip> persist file "/etc/pfhackerip"
                  block in quick on $ext_if from <hackerip> to any

However this list is used, it is a your own risk and is intended as as educational tool showing how many "hackers" are out there
No longer used for adding to the IP database
We have added a /16 block after 4 or more attempts from that /16 netblock. They are clearly marked with "# multiblock"
Also added superblock when too many attempts within a /8 netblock. They are also clearly marked with "# superbolock"
This is just to save time as we have to assume that the ISP allows this type of abuse.

New method for adding IP's to database
We have changed our method of netblock listings. We now lookup the network owner and add their entire network.
You would be surprised who owns the networks that have allowed hackers. You probably do business with them!
If you are an ISP and see your IP on the list, then your customers are abusing the internet and you could be liable for their actions.
To request a removal, a request must come from the offical "abuse" e-mail address of the ISP.
note: remove the {("at")} and replace it with the @ symbol